Posting live from The Adobe Photoshop Masters Eclipse Tour

by blogshaxe

  • Julian Kost says you can
    • Paste textures into masks
    • Directly move drop shadows with the mouse rather than play around with the change angle and distance sliders
    • Apply layer styles to groups
    • Play with blend modes for groups rather than individual layers
    • Make a short cut for tile and tab view of files command + shift + R/T
    • move your tools to the right. That’s where your mouse hangs out anyways- near the properties panels.
    • Add command M for mask short cut
    • Alt mouse left/right increases size. up/down changes softness.
    • Download her black and white tone template with smart objects
    • Read blog on optimizing photoshop

Russel Brown says

  • While creating a panorama, lock the center layer that sits at the center of the panorama
  • Sample smaller sizes in camera raw while experimenting. Faster workflow. In the workflow link at the bottom
  • Make smart objects via copy to make independent versions
  • Layer multiple files to make a super raw file. Merge to psd only. Not HDR
  • Make layers smart object before adaptive wide angle fixing
  • Shift – with move tool to cycle through blend modes
  • Blur gallery to get bokeh effect