Highlights from the Adobe Create Now Tour Singapore

by blogshaxe

Just a quick recap of the new features introduced during the event, which was held a couple of weeks ago in Singapore. I wrote these down during the event, but never got around to posting them!

These should be great news for the stills and motion folk!

Premiere pro

Some updates to the multicam workflow. You can now add overlays on multicam monitor. I guess this would help even if you had “Camera 1″ and “camera 2″!!

After effects

  • Detail preserving up-scale similar to the update PS received recently.
  • Tracking masks – cutting down a huge amount of time spent animating your masks
  • Easy expression scripting – Represents a shift towards less code and more templates perhaps?
  • Easier access to Cinema 4D


Asset Generator-Makes outputs super easy. Set output settings via layer name. You’ll need to read more into this, but it’s especially
useful for the website/app makers. You can now dictate the asset type before export happens!

I hope this is useful, since I was pretty selective in what I chose to feature.