A Big Night Out

by blogshaxe

2013 seems to be a good year for live music in Singapore. With a slew of big name indie bands placing Singapore on their touring lists (hooray for bit torrent!), I got very excited when I learnt about this in late 2012.  When rumours of a combo-concert with Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs surfaced, I simply couldn’t wait for it.  Who cares if the Big Night Out was the shorter Asian cousin of the Big Day Out in Australia. With three massive bands rocking Fort Canning, what more could one ask for. We’re ok with smaller servings here, you see.

When the two “supporting bands” (BOH and VW) were done, I think I already had my money’s worth. At this point, I must point out that I thank the good folks at Jagermeister for tickets to this very awesome show.

Band of Horses, with their signature C&W vibe, tubey amp sounds and wonderful slide guitars, blessed us with their beautiful sound from early albums like Cease to Begin and Everything all The Time. I was instantly ported to 2006 when my  non-ipod mp3 player housed these never heard before tunes. It seemed like a better time. Then I remembered how broke I was.

I digress. Yes, nothing like time-stamping your memories with music.

Vampire Weekend picked things up by opening with “Cousins” from their previous album, Contra. The crowd reacted, changed energy states and started to vibrate. (I heart science) Ezra Koenig’s 54 word/sec vocal abilities are truly magnificent. We were also treated to a non-symphony live version of M79 thanks to Rostam Batmanglij’s keyboard skills.

This band was here a while back within the safe acoustic confines of the Esplanade theatre, but they sounded as good in the open air Fort Canning setup. My ears seemed to have disagreed by protesting with a constant high-pitched humming noise the next morning. Well what’s a good live show without some good ol’ tinnitus.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs closed the evening with  a high octane show with some awesome showmanship.  This band formed in 2000 so I’d like to know what kind of octane was used to manage such a show. Please email me with information.