Big CC news!

by blogshaxe

I’m back at the Adobe Create Tour (2014) and there’s lots of exciting stuff to talk about. There’s also a new Adobe site up that will run you through one of the most extensive announcements to date. The big news to kick things off?


Yes, the guys who gave us Photoshop those many many years ago have entered the world of things.

A cloud enabled stylus and an accompanying ruler seem pretty interesting. No details on specs and extended features though. Good news for us image retouching types and surely for the illustrators out there. Other applications will surely emerge after the release (I’m talking to you, architecture /interior design guys)

Initially codenamed Neapolitan (because it’s short. Maybe because it’s a “ruler”) and Mighty (because the pen is mightier…) these gadgets look really really awesome and they probably will plug into the Adobe world better than the existing options.


Price Wise

The 13sgd per month Photographer package of Lightroom and PS CC is here to stay!! That’s an amount that any working photographer can easily afford.


Video Updates

“Good ingestion” seems like a topic you’d chat with your doctor about. But just like in the unsavory real world, good ingestion will lead to good…well…digestion of your video files. Adobe Prelude has some great updates that will make it your first step in telling your video story. There’s a cool new tagging window where you can broadly sort and subclip your files into a rough cut. Along with Adobe Story, this might be a great way to shape your project up before you even enter Premiere.

There was talk of porting some of AE features into Premiere CC a while back. With this update, it’s great to see a beautiful mix of embedding the really necessary features such as Lower thirds text editing (editors out there will rejoice this update since it cuts down a number of steps, involving jumping in and out of premiere). There’s also a effect mask tracking feature complete with keyframes that will selectively apply your effects to portions of the clip, tracked for motion.

These updates will surely cut down the number of trips out of Premiere but when you really have to leave, Adobe will make sure this “round trip” business is going to be seamless. By placing Premiere at the center of the editing ecosystem, moving to an app like Speedgrade, for example, is much much easier. You no longer have to flatten your timelines to grade eM. While they nailed this with After effects a while back ( think edit original), what’s going to be good to see is an ability to undo a converted nested sequence that gets sent to AE or audition.

Drone Cinematographers rejoice!

Using a gopro for that awesome aerial footage is fun (I would know!) but getting the fisheye effect out required a trip to AE to fix it. Premiere now has a lens distortion correction and presets for Gopros and the like.

Misc Improvements

* curves in premiere are now bigger and easier to use. Great since it’s the most common tool I use.

* browsing through other premiere proj. files in the new Premiere CC let’s you view them as if they were the current project thus loaded. No more importing projects to bins. Love it!

* Audition now lets you create a surround sound setup for your audio with a new graphical interface.

As always, there’s a whole lot more to discuss but these are the highlights!

Thanks for reading!